Community Art Projects

By bringing people together to create, we build connections and shared ownership, practice cooperation and beautify space. Each project that we lead is developed in collaboration with community partners to meet their specific goals. We are often inspired by the materials that we receive from local businesses, and we find ways to give them new life in projects that bring joy to the whole community.

Let’s Talk About Community Art Projects

colored blocks spelling the word Create
Woman and girl looking at craft alphabet

Arts Integration: Literacy and STEAM Projects

Our arts integration projects use visual arts to support learning across the academic continuum. We work closely with teachers and administrators to understand the learning goals that they have for their students, and we develop projects to reach those goals in creative, engaging new ways.

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Community-Building and Mental Health Projects

Our materials and our processes are accessible, fun and relaxing. Many of our community art projects are designed to increase wellness and improve mental health, to introduce mindful practice, and to create connections that reduce isolation.

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